img_0615Hey Beauties and Gents…For the guys who want to take a peek , You are most definitely Welcome. Todays topic is hardly talked about in The Nigerian Society. You hear Peeps talk about Love your Family, Friends, even your Enemies…But have You  really talked ABOUT YOU? Yeah, it is easy to say Love Others, but hold up. You cant Love OTHERS without LOVING YOU. Yah its the truth, You cant give what you don’t have. Loving You is  actually important for your Progress and Success in Life generally. My Few Takes Are:


Personally speaking everything starts from the Mind. Its usually said that Once You CHANGE the way to Look at things.. Those things start to  CHANGE. And things like this emanates from the Mind. Change how you Look at yourself… Your Mind is your worse Critic actually. I tell you, I have been there. Irrespective of what you might have done in the past. Guess what its dead and gone, you cant go back to change it  and no one remembers. MOVE ON. YOU ARE A QUEEN. QUEENS CARRY THEMSELVES WITH GRACE. THEY DONT JUST HAVE TIME TO PAY ATTENTION TO HATERS AND PAST MISTAKES.


This had helped me a lot. I had to sit on Myself examine exactly what was hindering me.  Lack of Confidence in my own Skin was one of it and am not there yet, there’s always more. You will experience things Ehn, that can bring your Vibe down after you think you have gotten it all. See, Confidence is a Muscle it needs to be exercised daily. Complementing people is good, in the sense that you see no one as a threat to you. Just have at the back of your mind that You are stuck with your body till God says Oya its time to come Home. Till that be CONFIDENT IN YOU. Be rest assured you are in the best Body, Place and Situation… So Love You.


Comparison Chai. Its just bad for You, Your Health. Why? Because you get the particular tension that someone is better than you. You are not good enough. Oh Yes. I was told that Comparison just limits your potential as a person, because you are limited to that persons flaws and mistakes. Don’t wish to be someone else. Yes people might look prettier than you do. But have you gotten to know that person deeply. You might not meet the persons facial qualities, Fine but what’s on the  inside matters more. Which is so much better. DONT COMPARE, YOU ARE BEST.


People will talk, in fact the one that concerns them and the one that doesn’t. If they don’t then something is wrong. Let them talk, your best response… Don’t bother. Keep going. Don’t allow your great qualities to be judged by Limited people. A point in time will come, they would realize how unapologetic you are and STOP. That’s how people are they would try you. Don’t bother, Just Love YOU and THEM. It shows how Mature you are. You have better things to think about.


If you don’t how let me tell you. Celebrate your Achievements above your Flaws. For Example, you don’t have many clothes like you ought to, but celebrate the fact that you have what you have. No matter what, others are wishing to have as much as you do. I Love this a Lot… taking Myself on dates. Go to the Movies, Hangout with Friends, eat Lots of Ice cream, Take Selfies. Enjoy Life its way to short not to Love yourself.

REMEMBER:  Change is a Process. Its Hard and its slow. don’t get scared to make mistakes and be flawed at some point. You are not perfect and you cant be. Love you, someone actually admires you for who you are.. You just don’t realize it Yet.


Bye Dearies… See you soon.





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4 thoughts on “LOVING YOUR SELF BEST

  1. So True!


  2. Thank you So much. This helped


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