CONFIDENCE is one of the most attractive thing in both Males and Females, but rather difficult to gain. I came across a quote some time Ago that explained Confidence as a trait we were all born with, but it gets taken by the world bit by bit. I agree, you might not even realize it. Do you remember growing up as a Child, you were so audacious. I can relate Lol. Gosh I was such a talkative Child… Right to the point … We just have to gain it back… The Violent Taketh it by Force.

Hey Loves. Hope you guys are Awesome as should be? Let me just take you a little bit through how I became confident.. Reaching the point that I am now. I am not perfect yet.. Still working on it. Its a daily exercise.. I haven’t figured it all out yet.. But am a Working progress.

Growing up wasn’t all that Hmm, what’s the word… Funny. Yah, funny. I always felt I was Ugly and rather skinny. To make matters worst I was on low cut(Going to a Military School) It was compulsory. Those days we Called it Fadan. LOL. See right now I can laugh and joke about it because I learnt “Loving” Myself and being confident in Me. I received a good support System… My Mother, She Said to me, a statement I wouldn’t forget and also tell everyone I come across. She said “Favour, Know this, many would die to have the body You have”. On Hearing these words I braced up.. and the rest is History Now…Thank God. So below are basic things that has helped so far:


GOSH! I knew that Lack of Confidence was such an enemy of Progress cause I felt I had more to offer than what I was doing. You do have that feeling sometimes, right? So I got on My Knees and Prayed. Don’t get me wrong am not that all confident now, I still have my days. But I come through anyways. I am getting stronger and its a process NOT A DESTINATION. This also includes self assessments, taking Stock of your confidence level now, during and later. I STILL DO THAT.


 This is so True Like they say FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. I contemplated a little bit on hearing this at first but I tried it and it worked. Not all the time though.I had and have to fake it. When People perceive me to be someone Confident, it gingers me up to even be confident. That’s for me I don’t know about you. Until you are fully aware that you are confident, keep on pushing.


S- Strengths, W-Weaknesses, O- Opportunities and T-Threats. Lets say For example You Love Cooking( I do too). Train up yourself- Learn various dishes, watch Food Network, watch YouTube Videos, Visit Restaurants, get involved. Before you realize you are putting things together and coming up with great dishes. Then just watch, you enter a gathering of people, you raise your head high, because you have something they don’t have. I have learnt Mine also.


 Positive Expectations brings about Positive Results. Like I heard this quote you “You are what you attract”. If you are negative you may as well attract Negative results. Even when you don’t feel up to it. Know that you just have to try, for both your progress and that of others around you too. Think Positive, Speak Positive and Act Positive.


In encouraging or Complementing someone you are boosting your confidence. I mean sincere complements like I really like the colour of your Eyes. My Favourite is “You look so much better when you smile”. That’s for me. You can think of Something too. You can put a smile and boost the other party’s confidence then Karma takes place. I think. It does. Like how I explained what My Mum said to me.. That was the foundation of it.


Lastly, these days I have come to realize that Myself is My greatest enemy. Do you understand? Check this out You are your worst critique. You guilt yourself over the Littlest  of things. Hold on, But Myself can really be encouraging to Me Too, Myself can Choose to Take Insults from People turn them into stepping stones. I have learnt Myself isn’t Perfect and Wont be perfect. So if after reading this and you mess up on any step don’t give up at all, its better to Fail at doing than to not even trying at all.

The pictures you see on Magazines, Bill boards and Social media isn’t real. There’s a lot of retouching that goes into those pictures. In real Life no one looks like that. From the Tanning of skin, To the application of Make Up,To adjustments of Body, Nose, Eyes and Figures and every other. Watch Videos On line, you’d be Amazed They aren’t real. Ask Models!

It’s all balls down to You, Finding what works for you. Mashing them up, I found mine. I hope this has actually helped to some extent.

Remember to Like, Comment and Follow for more juicy bits. Am open to suggestions you guys might have. Leave that in the Comment section too. Thank you Loves and Remain Blessed.

keep Slaying

MAKE UP- By Me (yours truly)

PHOTOGRAPHY- Nelson Concept

DRESS- Designed and Styled by Me( Yours truly)

SHOES- Black Block heels

HAIR DO- By Me(Yours truly)

Bye Guys.

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