You apply Make up, it’s all popping and you looking Fine. You step out.. Just few Hours later. Its all gone. Where did it all go? I don’t understand. Ahh Sista I have been there a lot of times. I have an oily skin so I can relate. But I have come with these simple hacks to make that struggle end. So lets head straight on:

Hey Ladies! Hope you are great? I didn’t know some and you probably didn’t . I did a little research and tried a bunch of things together. If you are interested in knowing more keep on reading. Grab your notepads. Don’t forget to like and follow. Especially comment, I’d love to hear how you Ladies keep your make up slaying all day. I might not have included in this post. Just let me know. Thanks. Stay blessed. So let’s head straight on

START WITH A CLEAN CANVAS; When I say clean canvas I mean face. Try using a cleanser that’s oil free in order to remove all the dirt and sebum your face might have collected. Clean does it. Personally I  use my Dettol Bathing soap, because some of these products are a little harsh for my skin. Use what works for you.

MOISTURIZING AND PRIMING; Moisturizing with an Oil free product or gel is what is needed. Moisturizing gives it an even balance, not cakey and not oily. To seal the make up in. After application, allow it to sink in. Then pat dry to remove the excess if any. PRIMING; solution to help your make up last longer that’s it. It helps to block your pores, blur imperfection and make your face slay all day. I heard the SMASH BOX PRIMER is really good, but I haven’t tried my hands on them just yet.

SET WITH POWDER; After all the moisturizing and priming set it very lightly with a translucent powder. Just to create a matte and even base for your foundation. Try using Johnson baby powder too.. It works but its totally optional.

CLEAN TOOLS; Use clean brushes and sponges. This is to prevent your face from carrying the residue from the brushes onto your face. Brushes shouldn’t be dirty. I mean you using it more than three times minimum without washing  or without spraying alcohol.

TAKE A SHOWER; Kidding! When I say shower I mean use a setting spray. To set all that foundation and concealer in place all day. I personally use the ELF SETTING SPRAY. It does it for me all the time.

Lastly PACK UP; pack up blotting sheets, to make oily surface matte. Pack also some powder for some retouching here and there.

I hope this has helped you ladies as it should, stay tuned for more. Let me know what you think, your experience, whether you tried it and worked. Bye beauties and keep slaying all day. Peace

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