Remember that Song On Disney’s Camp Rock Introducing me By Nick Jonas…Hahaha.. Good Old songs..

Hey Loves..its been quite a while hasn’t it and I just want to gist you about all that happened(must come up in other post).. It’s been weeks and even months in here right. I take the blame, not to worry. But I miss all of you still. Like, I really do.

Sincerely speaking I have been kind of discouraged lately concerning blogging not that I don’t love it, I do. But situations, First Camera Issues. I wanted to save up money for that I couldn’t(quite expensive here). My Uncle promised to get me an Ipod as a substitute he couldn’t and all. But Life must surely move on. Secondly, I have been kind of comparing my platform to other ones, which didn’t help( I got discouraged), no Jokes. It’s a process I later concluded. Grow up, don’t go up.

Because of good support Systems My Mum and a friend, Moses. THANK YOU.  It really helped. Coming back with greater Energy and enthusiasm.

So since this is kind of a new beginning with Oresblogging. It’s Official. My name is Oreoluwa, call Me Ore. What’s yours? I am a Teenage Blogger from Africa, Nigeria..Lagos. I love Blogging adding Creativity to everything possible. To Natural Hair, Beauty, Career, Food and Reviews, here and there. Most of all Choosing Bravery Over Perfection.  YOLO ( You Only Live Once). There’s so much more, in stock Ladies. Plans!

I Love God Almighty so much..With His help I See us coming far,starting this August and beyond. Making here as Homey as possible and even beyond that…

Introducing YOU next…Remember to Comment always, Like and Share. It’s a community. Every person counts,,,even you. Yes, YOU.

Remain Blessed. Love you dearies and keep slaying always.



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